At Sunset, our mission is to make disciples of all the nations – who are becoming transformed into the likeness of Christ. One of the ways we do that is by growing in Christ through spiritual practices.

This summer, our sermon series “Invitation to Practicing the Way” gives us the opportunity to explore the spiritual practices we will be engaging with as a church community over the next two to three years. We hope this series compels you and stirs excitement for us to practically develop the practices in our everyday life to transform us into disciples.

Practicing the Way will become the framework for discipleship at Sunset Church. And our plan to fully engage in these spiritual practices is through community in small groups.

We invite you into a small group starting this fall! Please fill out the form below, and we’ll connect with you.

During our “Invitation to Practicing the Way” series, we invited a few artists to engage with spiritual practices alongside their creativity.

Learn more about the art they’ve created here.