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Longing to be in a community and study God’s Word? Sunset offers a weekly Bible Study for women of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities to grow deeper in their understanding of God’s Word in a loving and authentic community. 

Whether you are new to studying the Bible or a long-time attender, we welcome you (and encourage you to invite a friend) to come as you are and receive a message of faith, hope, and love as we dive into some awesome studies this year. 

2023-2024 Studies

Join us as we embark on three new studies this fall, winter, and spring. Sign up for the whole year or just the fall, the choice is yours!




Jeremiah is a book about endings, a book that deals with what the faith community thinks about when an old world is passing and a new world is not yet seen. There is therefore much mourning and grief in Jeremiah, for that is the way people respond to endings and to death and relinquishment. There is also much anger and hurt, for that is the way people often feel when a once-predictable, known world is being wrenched from their hands. Because we live in a time when many have given up HOPE for the promises of the old, conventional, expected world, the book of Jeremiah has a message for us in their grief and loss. Come along with us as we simply ask, “What is God up to in our present time?”

The Bible was written during a specific time span in a handful of locations in the ancient Far East. When we study it, we must be careful not to let our cultural assumptions influence how we understand the truth within its pages. Come join us as author Meridith Storrs guides us through stories of familiar women and not so familiar women of the Bible, with details and insights to help us understand the culture in which they lived. Both then and now, God enters into our culture and works within broken systems to move us ever closer to the day when all things will be made new, just as perfect as the Garden of Eden. We invite you to see the HOPE reflected in these women’s stories through God’s Son.

Do you feel like living out your faith is a constant battle against a tide going the wrong direction? Peter devotes much of his letters to coaching his largely gentile Christian audience in the skills necessary for living faithful, wise lives in the midst of the watching Roman world. Come and see – We are exiles, you and I. We are living in the in-between…but we have HOPE in the Risen Christ. This is not our home!


Each year, we have events that are open to ALL women at Sunset. Check out what’s going on!

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