International Student Ministries

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Ron Riesinger
Europe & Eurasia

Ron is a Senior Ministry Specialist with InterVarsity Link. He coaches, catalyzes, connects, and collaborates with staff, students, and church members as they reach international students at colleges and universities.

Ron specializes in guiding the development of international student ministries across Europe and Eurasia. He regularly mentors staff virtually and on-site. Ron teaches God’s Word designed to capture the attention of international students who are seeking the truth.

Additionally, during this period of upheaval in Eurasia, Ron serves as the interim Link Staff Supervisor. He speaks at training events in Europe, Eurasia, and beyond.

A Good News Story

During Ron’s mentoring trip to Central Asia, staff gathered a group of university students who were curious about the Bible. Ron taught from the book of Daniel to the Indian students from Hindu, Muslim, and Christian communities. As a discipling model, he invited local student ministry workers to teach with him. Relating to Daniel in a foreign land, a few Indian students decided to follow Jesus. 

Pray that student seekers come to know Jesus! As new believers return to their home country, ask God to anoint them to be disciple-makers across society. 

“Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession.”  Psalm 2:8