Small Groups

About Small Groups

Small groups are the heart of Sunset Church!

This is where life-on-life faith journeys are shared. You get the opportunity to support, grow, serve, and enjoy fellowship together with six to 12 other adults.

Joining a small group means meeting every week or every other week at church or in homes across the west side of Portland. The topics may vary from talking about that week’s sermon, doing a Bible or topical study, or going through a book study.

But no matter what your Small Group decides to do, each group is similar. We’re all authentic as we share about our lives and walk the faith journey together.

Get Connected

Sunset’s small groups differ in days, times, locations, and focuses. Check out our open small groups and see which one(s) you may be interested in.

We want to connect you to a small group, so let us know what group(s) you’re interested in by using the form below.

Contact Us

Questions? Please contact our team with any questions about creating a small group or joining one!