In our summer sermon series, we invited different artists from our community to take time and be co-creators with God through art.

Each artist picked a spiritual practice to interact with. Through opening intentional windows with God in these practices, they have used their skills and talents to make beautiful things. Read about our artist reflections, and see the art here.


Art & Practice

When we look at Sabbath as a spiritual practice, the day of rest that the Creator intentionally took, Dania Behrens read a poem during service written by musician and poet Chris Slaten.



Written by: Chris Slaten

Rest as if finished.
Eat as if plenty.
Pray as if answered.
Rejoice as if grateful.
Praise as if awed.
Speak as if known.
Breathe as if arrived.
Confess as if forgiven.
Sing together as if one.
Delight as if unburdened.
Pretend as if children at play
practicing for a coming day.
Tomorrow we will work as if rested.

We are made by a creative, creator God. We too carry this spark of creation. Learn more about what we’re doing through Art & Practice.