In our summer sermon series, we invited different artists from our community to take time and be co-creators with God through art.

Each artist picked a spiritual practice to interact with. Through opening intentional windows with God in these practices, they have used their skills and talents to make beautiful things. Read about our artist reflections, and see the art here.


Art & Practice

For the spiritual practice of prayer, Ben Porter wrote a song called “Eye of the Storm.” This is what he wrote as a reflection:

“I’ve always loved the imagery of Christ as our rock, our anchor, and our firm foundation. For years I even sang about it with the kids at Sunset, singing, ‘Don’t build your house on the sandy land’ As I grew older, one line from that song has stuck with me more than any other lyrics: ‘Storms may come and go, but the peace of God you will know.’ Peace in the storm. In my head it made sense that the only place that one can find peace is within the eye. The only peaceful place you can be while the chaos of the storm rages around you.

Little did I know that as I wrote this song six years ago, a raging storm was on the horizon. It was then, that this song became a prayer for me. A reminder that the only way one finds peace is to anchor yourself to Christ and center ourselves on His word.”


The Eye of the Storm Lyrics

Verse 1
Looking out all across this land
Searching, trying to see your plans
Sin and darkness are all around
So I plant my feet on solid ground

While the wave are crashing down on me
Be the anchor of my soul
Through the doubts and my uncertainties
The foundation of my home
The eye of the storm

Verse 2
I carry on through the rushing tides
Feel the world pulling from all sides
Lord I’m listening to your voice
The narrow path is my only choice

It is well (it is well)
With my soul (with my soul)
It is well
It is well with my soul

We are made by a creative, creator God. We too carry this spark of creation. Learn more about what we’re doing through Art & Practice.